At AIRGUARD, we're about helping farmers achieve perfect seed and fertilizer placement with their seeding equipment. Our specialty is creating innovative air distribution devices that integrate easily with all air seeders. Our solutions must deliver precision seeding, consistent germination, and better harvest yields. We're driven to help farmers receive greater profitability from their crops.

"We understand how important seed placement is to farmers - from both an aesthetic and a productive perspective."

- Brian Cruson, Engineer and AIRGUARD CEO


Improving systems on seeding & fertilizing equipment


1. Put farmers first - help them improve their yield

2. Create new solutions that help farmers overcome planting challenges

3. Make it easy for farmers to access and use our technology

4. Listen and respond proactively to farmer needs

5. Use our resources and profit to build back into the agricultural community


At Airguard, we’re passionate about helping farmers around the globe achieve perfect seed and fertilizer placement through precision seeding technology. We help agriculture experts control airflow with solutions that are easily installed onto any air drill. The end result is improved seed germination, crop consistency, and harvest yields. We believe in giving a portion of our resources and profit back into the global agricultural community. To that end, the team at Airguard is excited to partner with communities in Ethiopia and Guatemala, focusing on the area of livelihoods, as they transition from stuck to thriving.