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Airguard Inc. Privacy Policy

AIRGUARD INC is committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy describes our practices regarding personal and account information collected through our Web site. In this policy, “personal and account information” means your name, company name, account number, address, telephone number, and e-mail address plus other information that identifies you, including your industry, the number of employees at your company, and purchase history, and “we” and “us” means AIRGUARD INC as well as its affiliated companies.

What information we collect and your privacy:

When you browse our Web site

  • Your IP address. We collect your IP address to measure our Web site traffic and to help provide a relevant shopping experience.
  • Referral Web site. If you come to our Web site via a link, we collect the location of the link that referred you.
  • Browser type. We collect information about the browser you are using to help optimize our Web site for visitors.
  • Navigation on the Web site. We keep track of pages you visit to help provide you with a more personalized shopping experience.

When you make purchases through our Web site

We collect your name, address and payment information to process your order. However, you may provide credit card and purchase order numbers by telephone. We collect information contained in “cookies,” such as your purchases and log in data, to personalize your shopping experience. Your browser must be set to accept cookies if you wish to add items to a shopping cart on our website.

When you register as a customer or dealer on our Web site

We collect your user name, password, e-mail address, to protect your account. You can help us ensure your privacy by not sharing your user name or password.

When you submit your e-mail address with AIRGUARD INC

When you communicate with us through our Web site we collect your e-mail address and the other information that you provide in order to respond to your communication. When you enter contests, participate in surveys, or register for other activities on our Web site we collect your name, e-mail address and telephone number, and the other information that is required for entry or participation, which varies depending on the activity. In any of the situations where we do collect your e-mail address related to customer service, orders, and other such correspondence, we will automatically subscribe you to our mailing list. We may occasionally send you promotional or product information. If you do not wish to receive promotional or product information, you may opt out of future communications by clicking here and unsubscribing to our e-mail subscriptions.

Is my personal or account information used for any other purpose?

We may use your personal and account information to provide products or services you have requested, respond to a communication from you, contact you, and as otherwise described in this policy. We may also analyze and act upon your personal and account information as part of our standard business practices. If you become our customer, we may send you periodic updates on important information about our company and services.

Will my personal and account information be provided to any other party?

We restrict access to your personal and account information to those who need access to use it as set forth in this policy. Only authorized AIRGUARD INC personnel are permitted to see your account password.

How do you protect my personal and account information?

Site Security

Our customer management software as well as our e-commerce is powered by Netsuite, a leading ecommerce provider. NetSuite has security measures in place for the Services to help protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the data under NetSuite's control. When the Services are accessed using Netscape Navigator, or Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 4.0 or higher, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects information using both server authentication and data encryption to help ensure data is safe, secure and available only to you. NetSuite also implements an advanced security method based on dynamic data and encoded session identifications and hosts the Services in a secure server environment using a firewall and other advanced technology to prevent interference or access from outside intruders. Finally, NetSuite requires unique user names and passwords that must be entered each time a customer logs on. These safeguards help prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy and ensure the appropriate use of data.

Data Security

NetSuite takes proactive measures to ensure that the application is safe from Internet attacks. All of the servers are behind a firewall to prevent users from accessing them other than by specifically allowed protocols and methods. Additionally, securely designed segregated networks, load balancers with "denial of service" countermeasures, and application-layer filters create layers of protection against malicious acts.

  • 128-bit Secure Socket Layer Data Encryption
  • From the moment you or our employees access the NetSuite application login screen, the data is protected. Your unique ID and password, as well as all data in the subsequent connection are encrypted with 128-bit SSL, the same level of transaction security currently utilized by some of the world's largest Web banking and commerce businesses.
  • Continual Monitoring
  • Netsuite employs a battery of scans and intrusion detection systems (IDS) to identify any vulnerability within our network. Netsuite will block unauthorized attempts to access our data center, and log and investigate any unauthorized connection attempts.
  • Complete Audit Trail
  • NetSuite continuously maintains a complete audit trail. It tracks each transaction by the user login details and provides a timestamp for each event.
  • Testing and Maintenance
  • Just like the systems they protect, the processes that govern NetSuite's availability are continuously tested, improved and maintained. Process management is governed by industry best-practices. NetSuite subjects all of its processes and procedures to regular third-party audits as part of its commitment to quality.

All transactions performed at AIRGUARD INC are encrypted for your protection by VeriSign with industry-leading safety and predictability. NetSuite has security measures in place for the services to help protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the data under NetSuite's control. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects information